Elephants The Swedish or Classic Massage is one of the most known massage types. It helps to relax, improves your general condition and supports the blood flow with its local and reflectoric effects. Tensions (e.g. in the neck and shoulder area) and muscle stiffness can be loosened by special massage techniques.

The following strokes are used during the Swedish Massage:
  • Sliding: consistent extensive pressure, mild and relaxing
  • Kneading: the tissue is stretched and squeezed, improvement of
    mobility and malleability
  • Flexing: similar to kneading
  • Friction: increased pressure, small-area with depth effect (especially
    for muscle stiffness)
  • Rhythmic tapping: loosening
  • Vibration: loosening

Individuals or couples (after inquiry) can escape from a stressful time and benefit from a massage.