Sportmassage Einsatz in Wien beim Vienna City Marathon, Wien Sportmassage contains strong massage techniques, based on the Swedish Massage. These techniques are adjusted on the demands of the respective type of sport and activity phase (before, during, after a competition or training.

Activating massages before a sporting activity help to improve the muscle performance, e.g. via fast and low-pressure massage techniques. These strokes can also be applied during breaks in the competition. Furthermore, a massage can positively influence the tissue, especially regarding muscle cramps or sore muscles. After the exercise a relaxing massage can alleviate tiredness (through slow and deeply effective techniques) and supports the regeneration of the tissue.

Moreover, fascia contribute to the force transmission (elastic capacity), like releasing a rubber band is freeing kinetic energy. This mechanism is also found in the animal world, e.g. jumping frogs or kangaroos. Hereby, mostly the tendons and the fascia of the legs are involved in the force transmission. If the sliding characteristic of the fascia doesn't work in the optimal way, it leads to force impairment and decreased performance in sports. Active training of your fascial system and applying massage techniques can stimulate your fascia to be ready for everyday and special demands.

Support directly on site during the competition, training or training camp is possible for individual athletes as well as teams.

Examples of customers:
Soccer player, Marathon and Parkour runner, Kendoka, Thai boxer, strength athletes, Touch Rugby player, cyclist, Tennis player, Poker player, etc.